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Afterfall Prequel RP

RP for all the characters before the start of Afterfall.
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 Character Bios and Relationships

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PostSubject: Character Bios and Relationships   Wed Sep 07, 2016 2:47 pm

Nepeta currently serves as the head hunter for the Hunters Office. She hunts creatures and criminals that are a threat to the new troll society, and is basically purrty great! She likes Feferi an awful lot, she has a really strange relationship with Davesprite and Jasprosesprite, she and Tavros are good friends still, she doesn’t like Vriska much at all, Terezi is her RP buddy, she misses Kanaya, and she’s mostly over Karkat after her time spent in the Dream Bubble, as Fefeta, and as Davepetasprite. She still resents Equius slightly for throwing his life away and not being there for her when she really needed him, and she hates Eridan a lot. She is otherwise friends with Sollux, Aradia, and all the Alpha Trolls, especially Meulin.

Feferi is the Heiress, who acts as the more gentle but sometimes erratic side of the monarchy. She counters Meenah’s harsh but firm leadership, and is liked by most low and midbloods.
She is on VERY strained terms with Eridan, has respect for Vriska as somewhat of an equal, likes Nepeta a lot, thinks Tavros is silly, is a bit off set by Aradia, appreciates all Karkat does to help mediate between her and Meenah, and considers the rest of them her friends. Respects Meenah a LOT but is worried she’s gonna kill her at some point.

Meenah to do
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PostSubject: Re: Character Bios and Relationships   Tue Sep 27, 2016 6:32 pm

Argena Khemis
While not a first-generation native of Alternia 2, this blue-blooded troll has been around long enough to have established her hive and begin the study of alchemy. Odd smells and small explosions are a common occurrence. Trolls from the countryside find her an excellent customer for herbs and whatever rare and unusual things they might find. Never wanting to run out of anything, she collected ample stocks of all sorts of things. This led to the town trolls always asking her for things, especially when they noticed she blended her own teas and could whip up almost any medicine or potion they could ever want. To keep people from trampling through her home all the time she set up a little shop adjoining her hive where containers of herbs, teas, and common alchemical items are for sale (uncommon items are not on display and have to be specially requested). This expanded as the town grew into the Imperial Capitol of Hemopolis. She finds the new administration meddling and overbearing, and would really rather be left to her experiments. Dissidents may find her sympathetic, as long as they aren't fools, don't call too much attention to themselves or her, and always pay their tab.

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Character Bios and Relationships
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