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Afterfall Prequel RP

RP for all the characters before the start of Afterfall.
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 Nice Date Park

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PostSubject: Nice Date Park   Thu Oct 05, 2017 12:00 pm

The Nice Date Park, funded by Karkat's threshicutioner organization, was designed with a heavy basis off of the park from one of his favorite Rom Coms, starring Troll Will Smith. You can often find Karkat staring longingly at the park, dreaming of the day he can take someone on a "Nice Date" and finally embody his role model, Troll Will Smith

Nepeta: [color=#416600]
Feferi/Meenah: [color=#77003c]
Terezi: [color=#008282]
Vriska: [color=#005682]
Aradia: [color=#A10000]
Esdret: [color=#005860]
Desarthi: [color=#8b008b][i]
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Nice Date Park
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