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Afterfall Prequel RP

RP for all the characters before the start of Afterfall.
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 A Dark Cave

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A Dark Cave Empty
PostSubject: A Dark Cave   A Dark Cave Icon_minitimeFri Mar 24, 2017 9:36 pm

A Dark Cave Cave_by_ewkn
A dark cave full of winding tunnels that may have once been used to do something cool. Now is just uninteresting and forgotten to time.
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PostSubject: Re: A Dark Cave   A Dark Cave Icon_minitimeSat Apr 01, 2017 7:15 am

Echoes go throughout the vast caverns as water drips from the stalactites, hitting the floor in a rhythmic pattern.
Ikokul walks right on in the cave entrance and cups her hand, yelling out into the cave:
RenruT/! I'm back!

She paused and waited for a response, tapping her foot on the stone floor impatiently. She frowned, typically Renrut would have at least said something in response. She cautiously walked deeper into the cavern, peering around the tunnels, calling out his name.

...RenruT? she called again, much quieter than last time. She started to worry. What if something happened when she was gone? What if someone came looking for the lost highblood and he ended up picking a fight with them while she was gone? Her breathing got quick as she started to panic over the scenarios going through her head.

No, she thought to herself, trying to calm herself down, If something did happen I would have gotten a vision, right?

Ikokul bit her thumbnail, attempting to keep herself from FTFO before hearing something hit the ground behind her with a hollow "THUNK". She nearly jumped out of her skin at the noise and turned around quickly to face it, a crowbar firing out of her strife deck and into her hand. She scanned the room, not seeing anything until she looked down on the ground where she saw an empty bottle of grape faygo. A quiet snore came from an outcropping in the top part of the cave.

Gog dammit. Ikokul squinted up at the top of the rocks, and with a resounding sigh, picked up the bottle and started climbing up.

She peeked over the edge and saw Renrut, sitting down and leaning his back against the wall, wrapped in a griffin pelt, empty faygo bottles strewn across the room and a half empty one being held loosely in his hand as he dozed off. Ikokul gripped onto the wall with all the fury she could produce and pulled herself up, stomping right in front of him.

RENRUT/! she shouted at him, throwing the empty faygo bottle at his face at full force.

The bottle bounced off of Renrut's face and skittered onto the floor as he suddenly jumped up, sword drawn, and faygo spilled all over his cloak.
i-intRudeR! he sputtered out, hazily looking around the room for the source of the bottle smack.

WhaT/ T/he shit, RenruT/! Ikokul glared at him accusingly, arms open. I called you like fifT/y T/imes!


Ikokul kicked a stray faygo bottle on the ground, launching it at the wall.
And whaT/'s wiT/h T/his shiT/! I T/houghT/ you said you'd quiT/!

Renrut adjusted his sunglasses.
i didn't think you weRe coming back yet.
Renrut quickly captchalogued the empty bottles around him, far too late.

Ikokul growled in annoyance.
I goT/ back early from T/he village I was geT/T/ing our supplies from. From whaT/ I heard T/hey could use some help againsT/ T/heir highblooded oppressors, buT/ I guess you'd raT/her jusT/ siT/ here on you're ass "kicking the wicked elixir" or whaT/ever bullshiT/ you juggalos called iT/.

Renrut flinched at the word juggalo.
ikokul, theRe'S no point! all that fighting is going to do iS get you and me killed. the other highbloodS aRe juSt too StRong to fight. it'S juSt a waSte trying to fight them.
Renrut slumped back against the wall and slid down onto his pelt, running his fingers through it. He stared at the floor, avoiding Ikokul's piercing gaze.

Ikokul clenched her fists.
WhaT/ ever happened T/o the RenruT/ T/haT/ believed in people and T/ried T/o help T/hose in need. T/he one who T/ried T/o proT/ecT/ T/he people who needed iT/? T/he one who rescued me from slavery?
She was shaking now, tears threatening to well up in her eyes.

he died a long time ago, juSt like he lived. aS an idiot who couldn't do anything Right.
Renrut spat.
the only thing i managed to do right with my life is pRotect you, and i'm not going to meSS that up becauSe of Some Stupid village that can't take caRe of itSelf!
Renrut looked back up to ikokul.
uS being here iS the only way i can keep you Safe. the only way you won't get hurt by the aSSholes out theRe who want to take advantage of you becauSe of youR blood coloR. you deServe a betteR futuRe than thiS, and i don't know what i'd do if i found out you got hurt becauSe i waSn't theRe to pRotect you.

Oh fuck you! You don'T/ acT/ually care aT/ all, you jusT/ siT/ here all day like a coward, tossing a gog damn piT/y parT/y for yourself while T/here are acT/ual heroes out T/here like the cloaked arsonisT/ helping people and fighT/ing T/he highbloods! If you wanT/ T/o proT/ecT/ me, grow up and sT/op hiding like a wiggler!
She turned to leave.
I'm going back T/o the village, if you acT/ually give a shiT/ abouT/ me, I'll see you T/here.
She dropped down from the outcropping

ikokul wai- Renrut started, looking over the outcropping, only to see Ikokul had already left.
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A Dark Cave
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