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Afterfall Prequel RP

RP for all the characters before the start of Afterfall.
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 A Lonely Tent, Somewhere Different

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PostSubject: A Lonely Tent, Somewhere Different   Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:42 pm

Far from government eyes, a dim light casts shadows over rarely-touched soil.

(Art by Zhou Shuo)
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PostSubject: Re: A Lonely Tent, Somewhere Different   Tue Mar 21, 2017 8:54 am

Lit by a crummy oil lamp and the screen of a humming grubtop, a young tealblood tinkers away, putting the finishing touches on her latest project. The drum of an engine rises into hearing range past the ambiance of the swamp and instinctively she tenses up, her hand stretching out to access her strife specibus at a moments notice. When she recognizes the motor she relaxes and turns back to her work. The motorcycle stops next to the tent, and moments later Phanam enters

hey lentiâ. you're still up?

She grants herself a moment of satisfaction as a 'click' signals her work is finished, and flips her magnifying lens out of the way as she turns to face him

I w⊙uld h⊙pe y⊙ud have WALKED the last little bit if you werent expecting me t⊙ be. What ab⊙ut y⊙u mister diurnal? About to hit the hay?

i wâs going to, but i'm getting the impression you hâve other plâns

Lentia smiles excitedly

Excellent! Y⊙uve heard ab⊙ut the Hell Furnace?

Phanam frowns and douses the oil lamp, replacing its glow with that of his own skin

you wânt us to breâk into the pâlâce dungeon?

N⊙ f⊙r n⊙w I just need y⊙u t⊙ get me cl⊙se en⊙ugh t⊙ use this little thing.

She holds up the small silver sphere she was working on. A camera lens protrudes from what is presumably its front, and two silver wings sit dormant on either side

I want t⊙ kn⊙w what exactly this furnace is. S⊙me pe⊙ple say its th⊙usands ⊙f l⊙wbl⊙⊙ds sh⊙veling c⊙al. The screams that are heard is when they fail t⊙ satisfy the furnaces hunger and it starts burning s⊙uls.

chârming. ând your theory is?

Either a ge⊙thermal h⊙tsp⊙t...⊙r psi⊙nics.

âh, I get it

He leans back in his simple but serviceable camping chair

if we free the psionics, not only will âll of Hemopolis be without power-

-but we will als⊙ be able t⊙ free the rest ⊙f the pris⊙ners. Leaving us wtih a small army right underneath the palace.

thât will either get slâughtered due to mâlnutrition ând lâck of trâining, or overthrow the empress ând stârt a bloody civil wâr.

Lentia pauses for a moment.

Y⊙u cant deny the ⊙pp⊙rtunity w⊙uld be t⊙⊙ big to just ign⊙re. But we can w⊙rry ab⊙ut h⊙w well g⊙ ab⊙ut this later. This is just a sc⊙uting missi⊙n.

She smiles slyly and gives him a wink

Plus if Im wr⊙ng y⊙u might get to see a v⊙lcan⊙.

Phanam rolls his eyes, but can't hide a grin

âlright fine, we'll tâke a look! get on the bike!
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PostSubject: Re: A Lonely Tent, Somewhere Different   Sat Mar 25, 2017 6:43 pm

Deep in the cave, a ping rings out as the massive computer structure inside receives an encrypted one way message

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PostSubject: Re: A Lonely Tent, Somewhere Different   

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A Lonely Tent, Somewhere Different
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