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Afterfall Prequel RP

RP for all the characters before the start of Afterfall.
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 Hunters Headquarters

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PostSubject: Hunters Headquarters   Wed Sep 07, 2016 12:39 pm

The main offices of the Hunting Squad. If you need something hunted, whether it be a dangerous creature or ruthless villain, this is the place to go. Expect high fees.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunters Headquarters   Fri Sep 09, 2016 4:04 pm

*Nepeta leans back in her chair, tossing a ball into the air. It spins several times, then turns into a knife and plummets. Nep snaps forward and snags the knife by it's handle with her teeth. She grins playfully and throws it at the wall. One of her coworkers, Twenai, jumps with a shock as the knife sails past her head and imbeds itself in the wall behind her. She glares at Nepeta, who grins sheepishly and swivels in her chair. She jumps up and lands next to Twenai, who falls out of her seat. She starts shouting at Nepeta as she strides out of the office into the night*
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PostSubject: Re: Hunters Headquarters   Mon Oct 03, 2016 12:46 pm

*Ezdret warps right up to the front entrance, smooths her dress, and walks inside. She nods to a few Hunters who are scrambling around with stacks of papers in their hands. A group of three female hunters stare at her as she walks past, hands at their waist where they all have knives equipped. Ezdret smiles back and continues into the main room. An attendant hurries by but Ezdret stops him*

Excuse me but d_ y_u kn_w if Nepet_ Leij_n is here right n_w?

*The attendant shakes his head and mumbles something incomprehensible before running off. Ezdret sighs and pulls up a chair, sitting down and grabbing a hunter badge that's lying on the desk. No way would she be able to steal this thing, as much as she wanted it. The badge was hardwired to explode as soon as it left the premises with anyone it wasn't DNA identified with. She groans, leaning back in the chair and grabbing a knife, twirling it between her fingers*

*Feferi strides through the front doors, causing a number of murmurs and whispers. She ignores them, striding right into the main room herself. She glances around before spying Ezdret, who is still holding her knife and the hunters badge*

-Excus-E m-E )(unt-Er but do you know w)(-Er-E N-Ep-Eta is?
I n-E-Ed a favor

*Ezdret starts as she watches Feferi Peixes, Empress of the Monarchy and patron of the weak, walk right up to her. She glances at her badge, and then back at the Empress. Gods she was one of her biggest crushes. An idea flashes in her mind and she grins widely*

I'm _fr_id she's _ut _nd _b_ut, Empress. Is there _nything I c_n help y_u with?

*Feferi pauses and sizes up the troll. She has to be at least a few sweeps older than herself, and she looks practiced in combat. Attractive, but not really her type*

Do you know a troll by t)(-E nam-E of -Eridan Ampora? I n-E-Ed som-Eon-E to k-E-Ep an -Ey-E on )(im for m-E

C_nsider it d_ne, Empress! Sh_uld I inf_rm my superi_r _b_ut this?

*Feferi considers for a moment, before shaking her head*

No, pl-Eas-E k-E-Ep it a s-Ecr-Et

*Ezdret nods and strides out of the room, before warping outside of the building. The badge in her hand starts to beep wildly, and she idly warps it away to some nearby cave, where it explodes with a distant rumble*

*Feferi sighs and plops down in the seat of the Hunter that just left, closing her eyes to wait for Nepeta*
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PostSubject: Re: Hunters Headquarters   Wed Jun 07, 2017 3:00 pm

Nepeta darts into the building, screeching to a halt to fuss with her hair. The hunters all greet her amicably as they go about their duties. Content that she looks at least MILDLY presentable, she walks in to her office, ready to get to work. She stops when she spots Feferi, asleep in her chair. Every fucking voice in her head squees because fuck that is adorable. She gets down on her hands and knees and prowls towards her, careful not to make a sound. When she reaches her, she leaps into the air and lands in her lap, starting Feferi awake

OH GLUB!!!! N-Ep-Eta, wh-En did you get )(-Er-E?

:33 < i just got back! i have b33n furry busy today

Feferi smiles, only to have her face melt into a look of concern when she notices the bandage around Nepeta's head

W)(at )(app-En-Ed???

:33 < oh this? erhm, from what i hear i think purrhaps m33nah drop kicked me into a tr33?

Feferi's face darkens, adopting an infuriated stare

SH-E GLUBBING W)(AT?!?!?! W)(Y??

Nepeta squirmed uncomfortably in Feferi's lap, before hopping on to her desk so she could look at Feferi

:33 < i maybe sorta kinda attacked karkitty a bit beclaws he made me furry furry sad and angry?

Feferi started, her anger fading, looking at Nepeta once again with concern

W)(at did )(-E do?

:33 < nothing! okay he might have torn apart my f33lings fur him at first, and said some purretty nasty stuff to me, but i was being furry nasty myself at that point so-

Feferi yanks Nepeta towards her and embraces her

I'm so sorry, N-Ep-Eta. I know )(ow important )(-E is to you!

:33 < no really its all fine now! i purromise! we talked things out and after a whole bunch of crying and killing monsters we are now on great terms
:33 < m33nah appurrently arrived after the fact because karkitty's guard went to get help. i was being purretty crazy!

T)(at's... gr-Eat! I'm so glad to )(-Ear t)(at, N-Ep-Eta! Ar-E you two... going to b-E flus)(-Ed from now on?

Nepeta pauses for a moment, considering back on what Karkat had said

:33 < thats what im hoping fur! but from the sound of it he still n33ds time to think about it. betw33n you and me i am worried he just told me what i wanted to hear

Feferi's face falls, and she nods slowly. She stands up, stretching and not looking directly at Nepeta

A)(. I s-Ea. W-Ell, I b-Ett-Er g-Et back to t)(-E palac-E, I don't want to bot)(-Er you!

She starts for the door, only to have Nepeta jump off the desk and grab her by the arm

:33 < woah woah wait whats up fef why are ya leaving so suddenly? we were just-

Her voice dies in her throat when she sees tears running down Feferi's cheek. Feferi jerks her arm from Nepeta's grasp and rubs her face, turning away

I'm fin-E. I just... got som-Et)(ing in my -Ey-E...

:33 < what the heck fef thats bullshit! whats wrong??? was it something i sa-

Realization dawns on Nep's face, and her eyes widen to the size of dinner plates, her outstretched arm falling to her waist. She stares, wide eyed at Feferi, as she turns towards Nepeta, tears still running down her face despite her best efforts to halt the flow. Her face is a torrent of confused emotions, each swirling and fighting for dominance. Feferi falls to her knees, hands covering her face, her face flushed fuchsia with embarrassment

I'm so sorry. I know you just fix-Ed t)(ings wit)( Karkat and I s)(ould b-E )(appy for you. But I just can't! I can't b-Ear t)(-E id-Ea of you b-Eing wit)( som-Eon-E -Els-E! It's s-Elfis)( and I'm glubbing AWFUL FOR T)(INKING OF IT T)(AT WAY!

She chokes as her sobs rack her body, shaking her as she soaks her dress with tears. Nepeta,
still stunned, slowly reaches towards Feferi, her eyes shadowed. Feferi looks up sharply, confusion,
fear, and apprehension battling for control in her eyes. Suddenly, Nepeta yanks Feferi off her feet,
and both of them land on the floor, Feferi splayed on top of Nepeta, who firmly embraces her, nuzzling her face in Feferi's black curls

:33 < and to think i considered myself a shipping master. i should have noticed you so much sooner. im the one who is sorry, fef

Nepeta buries her face deeper in the flows of hair, and Fef breathes in deeply, her shakes subsiding. She returns Nepeta's embrace, tears still dripping from her chin

I can't say anyt)(ing -Els-E -Exc-Ept t)(at I'm sorry to complicat-E t)(ings again.
I just lov-Ed w)(at w-E )(av-E tog-Et)(-Er and I-

Nepeta puts a finger to her lips, smiling at her

:33 < hey dont say stuff like that. nefur be sorry fur how you f33l! you mean a lot to me too, Fef!
:33 < we will always share something that no one else does.
:33 < except Eridan and Sollux, I suppose, although i would hardly say they share the intimacy that we gained from our connection.

Feferi barks a laugh out at that, smiling with amusement at the memory of Erisolsprite. Her eyes sombered when she recalled the happy times she and Nepeta had spent together with Roxy.
She looked at Nepeta for a long time, who sat on top of her smiling. Then she sighed

Fuck it.

Feferi wrapped her hands around Nepeta's neck, then pulled her in and kissed her. Nepeta stiffened with shock, then hesitantly returned the kiss, relaxing into her. After a long moment, Feferi released Nepeta and leaned up. Nepeta rolled off of her and sat up next to her, eyes wide, looking at Feferi

Sorry if t)(at just mad-E your lif-E a w)(ol-E lot mor-E complicat-Ed, N-Ep, but I r-Efus-E to go down wit)(out a fig)(t.

Nepeta blushed furiously, nodding slowly. Feferi rose to her feet and offered Nepeta a hand, which she accepted. The two stood in silence for a bit. Feferi shifted nervously, glancing at Nepeta, before Nepeta grabbed her and embraced her even more tightly

:33 < take back that apology right this instant

Feferi stared at Nepeta in shock, before finally letting loose and sobbing with relief

Fin-E! I'm NOT sorry and you ar-E going to b-E min-E!

The two girls spent the next several hours discussing about the events of the night as Nepeta recounted all the crazy stuff she'd been involved in, from her encounter with Karkat to helping Eridan at the hospital. Feferi laughed, only pausing slightly when she mentioned Eridan receiving serious injuries, and made several comments about how she should probably investigate the health care in Hemopolis. When the two were done, they exited the office together, holding hands and laughing

So you'r-E t-Elling m-E t)(at on )(is first day, our st-Ellar captain of t)(-E navy got )(ims-Elf turned into a ragdoll?

:33 < his arm was like a noodle! it felt solid but he just flopped around like a fish out of water!

I would )(av-E pay-Ed top boondollar to sea t)(at!

The two continued to chat amicably as they exited the building

Nepeta: [color=#416600]
Feferi/Meenah: [color=#77003c]
Terezi: [color=#008282]
Vriska: [color=#005682]
Aradia: [color=#A10000]
Esdret: [color=#005860]
Desarthi: [color=#8b008b][i]
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PostSubject: Re: Hunters Headquarters   

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Hunters Headquarters
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